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The biggest kitchen mistakes that keep weight on are revealed...

Confused about what and how to cook because you're always trying to drop weight?

What if you learned just a few tips that made fat burning food taste delicious?

Wouldn't you agree that learning how to properly fuel your body with the right food but made the right way is important?

Wouldn't you love to know exactly what foods you shouldn't have in your kitchen because they promote bloat, constipation & disease?

You're in the right place.

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I'm Lana Kontos, a board-certified naturopathic doctor and I help busy female Company owners, executives and sales leaders who have a hard time knowing exactly what to eat and what to do to stay lean and healthy so that they can continue to excel in their careers, and as a result because they're busy they get frustrated and confused and sabotage their body weight and overall health.

I teach you exactly how to easily make quick, delicious, meals even if you don't have time or hate to cook so that the weight drops, you look better than ever and your confidence is soaring!

I have developed a simple system for your kitchen so that your meals can be easy to make, filling and delicious.

It's Called My Skinny Kitchen Cooking Course and More!

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An Eye-Opening, Easy to Follow

You can learn this course in one sitting and keep for life.

This popular program is like I'm right over your shoulder guiding you so that you avoid the frustration and confusion in the kitchen.

Don't worry you'll have help, answers and relief in your inbox and at your fingertips in minutes so that you can get started.

What's in it for you?

1- You'll Discover the Little-Known Kitchen Tips so that you can be lean and healthy even if you are a great cook.

2 - You'll Have Simple Recipes that are delicious, help protect you against low energy, diseases and help you burn fat all day.

3 - Cooking tricks that some of the foremost plant-based chefs taught me in expensive nutrition and cooking classes.

I even share my own personal wellness tools and how to keep looking younger naturally.

This is like a few private consultations with me all wrapped up in in one easy-to-follow program.

Why listen to me?

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Hi, I'm Lana Kontos, a board-certified naturopathic doctor, a trained and certified digestive health specialist and a diet and lifestyle medicine practitioner.

Specialty: Digestive, Cardiovascular and Women' Health

I was trained by some of the foremost medical doctors and scientists in the world, a surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic, a world-renowned nutritional biochemist from Cornell, scientists trained at Harvard and Cornell.

I was trained to stop prevent and as the research shows, reverse chronic degenerative diseases such as: IBS, Acid Reflux, Chron's, Colitis, PCOS, PMS, Type 2 Diabetes, Terminal Chronic Cardiovascular Disease and I teach Permanent Weight Loss.

My Skinny Kitchen is a combination of years in school and over $3,000 worth of cooking courses that help weight loss, auto immune diseases, low energy, ED, joint discomfort, high blood pressure and fatigue.

I taught it in corporate wellness workshops for years at $297 a person and they learned a few recipes and kitchen tricks.

This is the full course and lots of extra tips.

What if you learned one thing that not only kept weight off but helped to protect your health?

What if you learned a trick or two that helped you feel more confident and be in control again?

What if you learned some tips that made your fat burning food taste so much better?

How much would that be worth?

Today it is only $47.


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