Your Flat Belly Formula!

Discover this 5 Part Formula and Begin to Enjoy A Flat Belly without Bloat or Poor Digestion usually the very first day!

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A 5 Part Program that you can learn in one quick sitting!

1- Discover the 1 thing that causes not only bloat, digestive issues and weight gain but cancer!

2 - Get your hands on short lists that make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a flat belly!

3 - Learn simple ways to help stop cravings for sugar and junk food!

4 - Learn simple ways to feel full and avoid deprivation!

5 - Included is the Little-Known

Flat Belly Fix:

3 simple things you do daily to dramatically accelerate

your results!

Why listen to me?

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Hi, I'm Lana Kontos, board-certified naturopathic doctor, and a trained and certified digestive health specialist and a diet and lifestyle medicine practitioner.

Digestive Health is my specialty!

I was trained by some of the foremost medical doctors and scientists in the world

- a surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic

- a world-renowned nutritional biochemist from Cornell

- scientist trained at Harvard and Cornell

to name a few

And I naturally overcame my IBS, acid reflux, adult acne and

infertility and

I sailed through menopause without symptoms!

I can help you too.

2 SPECIAL BONUSES when you order today:

# 1

Helpful Tips for Bloat and Stomach Pain That Can Bring Quick Results!

# 2

The Edible Face Lift! Step-by-Step Daily Plan for Less Wrinkles, Lines and More Glow!

This 5 Part Program to a Flat Belly was a $497 Course.

Today it's only $47!



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