So, do you have the guts to lose weight? What does that mean?

Trying to lose weight?

Can't keep it off?

Not feeling like yourself?

Clothes are tight.

Confidence is dropping.

Weight is rising.

Do not worry...

What if I told you that it's not your fault?

Most people do not know that the main problem starts in the GUTS.

Wouldn't you agree that a flat belly, sliding in your clothes easily and looking younger sounds good?

Wouldn't you agree that losing extra weight not only boosts your confidence but is healthier?

You are in the right place.

Welcome to Clean Your Colon; Lose Your Weight

The path to a looking younger, being leaner and thinking clearer.

Discover this 10 Step Life Changing Program that can be in your inbox in minutes!

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A 10 Part Program that you can learn in one quick sitting.

1- Discover How to Eat Protein for Age Defying, Fat Loss, Cognition and Hormone Balancing

2- Discover How to Lower One Thing that Helps Your Fat Loss and Protects Your Heart (what you have been taught is wrong.)

3- Discover How to Add Something That Helps Drop Weight, Increase Energy and Increase a Molecule we call the Youth Molecule

4 - How to Eliminate One Thing that Promotes Weight Gain, Constipation and Body Fat.

5 - Simple Steps Around What to Avoid and Why that begins to Set you Free and Fuel Your Fat Loss.

6 - The 1st Part to a Clean Colon!

7 - How to Kill Pathogenic Gut Bacteria, Parasites, Fungus & Viruses in Seconds a Day

8 - How to Easily Protect Your Brain and Every Cell in Your Body and Promote Insulin Sensitivity which is necessary for Weight Management.

9 - How to Incorporate the Most Potent Scavenger of Free Radical in Nature and a Key Anti-Inflammatory So That You Can Move, Think and Feel Younger.

10 - A 5 Part Gut and Colon Protector is Revealed.

Why listen to me?

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Hi, I'm Lana Kontos, board-certified naturopathic doctor, and a trained and certified digestive health specialist and a diet and lifestyle medicine practitioner.

Digestive Health is my specialty.

I was trained by some of the foremost medical doctors and scientists in the world

- a surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic

- a world-renowned nutritional biochemist from Cornell

- scientist trained at Harvard and Cornell

to name a few

And I naturally overcame my IBS, acid reflux, adult acne and infertility and

I sailed through menopause without symptoms.

I am nearly 60, on no medications, my brain is sharp as a tack, my weight is like high school and I have the energy of a teenager.

I can help you too.

2 SPECIAL BONUSES when you order today:

# 1

A Special LOW investment today and a Big Tips for Fat Burning and Reducing Bloat That Can Bring Quick Results

# 2

A Hidden Digestive Health Bonus for Breaking Down Fats Proteins and Carbohydrates

Thousands of dollars worth of coursework and information included.

And this was a $2,500 Course.

Today it's only $77!



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How to Shop Prep and Set Up Your Food so that You Can Keep Your Colon Cleaner, Your Body Leaner and Your Brain Clearer Even If You are Busy or Hate to Be in the Kitchen this was a $497 Course and a $2500 Corporate Program
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